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Troop 825 Eagle Honor Roll

Troop 825 is proud to list those young men who have accomplished the prestigious Eagle rank; the highest advancement rank in Boy Scouting. The fact that a boy is an Eagle Scout has always carried a special significance not only in Scouting, but also as he enters higher education, business or industry, and community service. The award is a performance-based achievement in which standards have been well-maintained over the years. Not every boy who joins a Boy Scout troop earns the Eagle Scout rank; only about 5 percent of all Boy Scouts do so. Troop 825 has enjoyed a significantly higher than average success rate over the years.

eagle patch  
eagle medal


Troop 825 Eagle Scouts
First Name
Last Name
1 Gary Fowler September-65
2 Michael Barrett December-65
3 Paul Bradley June-66
4 Dick Whiteside August-66
5 David Gentry October-66
6 David Specht March-67
7 Patrick Bradley September-68
8 Richard Barrett January-69
9 Greg Fowler April-69
10 Jim Bosworth October-70
11 Ken Smith December-71
12 Dave Pfluger May-72
13 John Buist December-72
14 Randy Beall April-73
15 Russell Smith August-73
16 Harold Morton November-73
17 Steve Robinson December-73
18 John Woodhouse January-74
19 John Bradley December-74
20 Tim Weeks December-74
21 Mike Persons October-75
23 Ralph Monfort November-75
22 Payton Randolph November-75
24 Rusty Mark December-75
26 Larry Cart July-76
25 Bill Randolph July-76
27 Josh Hargrave December-76
28 John Beall October-77
29 Doug Persons December-78
30 Greg Scheig April-79
31 Mark Boozer September-79
32 Kent Boozer October-80
33 Garrett Williams July-81
34 John Greenwood July-82
35 Peter Wuensch July-82
36 Brian Howrey October-83
37 Andrew Fraser December-83
38 Stephen Wuensch December-83
39 Kenneth Kolter March-84
41 Paul Hayre September-84
40 Chris Williams September-84
42 Walker Houchins February-85
43 Kevin Higginbotham September-85
44 Bill Alexander April-87
46 Bret Howrey April-87
45 Bill Stewart April-87
47 Josh Lawch June-92
48 Clint Burkholder January-93
49 Mike Bart May-94
51 Jeffrey Hirvela May-94
50 Bobby Wilkinson May-94
52 Daniel Jackson August-94
53 Larry Wright October-94
55 Matthew Wells August-95
56 Andrew Wodnik August-95
57 Michael Patyk September-95
54 Cameron Petri September-95
58 Niall Cooper December-95
59 Kai Stratmann May-96
60 Wes Etheredge April-97
61 Mike Lionetti July-97
62 Eric Elholm December-97
63 Steve Lionetti December-97
64 Michael Callaway December-97
65 Ahren Pfrehm April-99
66 Carl Nooteboom April-99
67 Andrew Caldwell June-99
68 Jordan Samuels February-00
69 Matthew Patyk September-00
70 Steve Robertson March-02
71 John Mccomb August-02
72 Bobby Mccomb March-04
73 Billy Mccomb June-04
74 Aaron Reissig June-05
75 Alex Eukel January-07
77 Brian L Hines Jr. May-07
78 Robert J Townsend September-07
76 Henry Blair Erwin January-08
79 Cameron Sorensen April-08
80 Charles Maxwell January-09
81 Michael Fernandez November-09
85 Jonathan Caudle December-09
83 Joseph Kemper May-10
82 Andrew Pasek May-10
86 Philip Eukel June-10
84 Benjamin Silver June-10
87 Cameron Parker March-11
88 John W Sorensen May-11
89 David Hansen May-12
90 Brad Erwin August-12
91 Brian Hall September-12
92 Jake Samuels January-14
93 Connor June February-14
94 Thomas McInroe August-14
95 Hayden Reeves June-15
96 Nathan Jolly September-16
97 Adam Desroches October-2016
98 William Meyer December-2016


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